To be a successful entrepreneur, one of the key aspects of it is to go into a business you like that requires the expression of your own talents. Part of why I’m in the performance/digital/affiliate marketing space is because on the Internet, everything is tracked and mathematical. Math is one of my better talents. I got a perfect score on the SAT I, SAT II, GRE, Top Ten in the World, and in science fairs. It’s always been second-nature to me, I gravitate towards it, and it really expresses my talent in the numbers-side of things.

Sales have always been one of my talents. I learned the skill early on, when I was 15-16, and I had been in sales for about 5 years. Relationship building has been key to part of our growth and success as a company. I get to use that every single day.

Ask yourself: What is your unique edge over your competition? Unique talents? Superpowers?

Work in a business with a good location, where it’s likely to have a good market where you can express and utilize your talents. This is a key aspect, and I think a lot of people are doing this wrong. If you’re a musician, you want to be around people and an audience who like music; not somewhere arbitrary or random. Make sure your industry/field/market is growing. People who are just out of college and getting started ask me “Should I work as a receptionist or a startup?”

It is more important to work in the right industry rather than the right position. When you’re in your early 20s, experience is far more important than money. If you work in an industry that is growing, there will always be more opportunity for growth. Most people who get knee-deep into affiliate marketing rarely leave. They work somewhere within the space because affiliate marketing is ever-growing, always evolving, and innovative.

Affiliate marketing is the fastest growing industry in the last decade. The appeal for an entrepreneur is that if you become an affiliate, there is so much opportunity if you work hard enough and stay focused. There are 14 and 16-year-olds making their first $1M. The average medium income of the millionaires are in their early-mid twenties.

These questions are asked on SnapChat from a series of Snap Storms Peter has done to help answer other entrepreneurs questions.