422 post“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe.”  – Albert Einstein

There’s a book called Learned Optimism, and most people who know me know that I have always been optimistic for as long as they have known me. “Good Begets Good,” is an Ink Article mentioned in the book, and I firmly believe that if you stay optimistic and never give up, you’ll be happier.

What most people get wrong is the idea that they need to get success and riches to have more things and be happy, but this is backwards. You have the opportunity to be happy right now. You control that destiny. Then you may get more things, and then you may reach success. I know some multi-millionaires who are unhappy, while those who have “made it” have always been happy.

It starts with waking up each morning and appreciating what you have and where you’re at, even if you’re still struggling and working towards what you want to be. I believe God or the universe will reward people who are happy and who appreciate where they’re currently at. If you were God and you gave 2 guys the same thing: one who appreciates it, and one who does not. Who would you give it to?

The other aspect: a lot of people are successful because of survival or lack, and my challenge for you today is to always focus on thriving, not surviving; love, not lack.

Thrive > Surviving and Love > Lack

I’ve seen people be successful in both aspects, but the people who have really made it, are happiest, and who have kept their wealth are the ones who valued love.

What you should ask yourself today: Is your motivation out of love instead of lack? Out of thriving or surviving?