Perfectionism Disorder

A lot of people deal with this; it is a true disorder. I myself have dealt with this for a good 20 years of my life. The benefits of having the Perfectionism Disorder is having projects that are executed well and turn out well. This disorder got me perfect scores on SAT I/II, ACT, math, and Top 10 in the world at International Science fair in the math category. It helped me improve myself by reading self-help books; it has molded me as a person that has a mentality of excellence.

Perfectionism Disorder as an Entrepreneur can hurt because most times, you can’t get projects launched until it’s perfect. With most things in business, especially with tech and the Internet, it’s not about how perfect it is. It’s about how quickly you hustle and launch. Your mentality should be to have a MVP: Minimally Viable Product; let the customers decide what they consider perfect. In my 20s as a serial entrepreneur, there were a lot of projects I never launched because they were never perfect enough.

If you deal with perfectionism disorder, make a “Screw Up List.” Everything changed quickly after I did this. I brainstormed everything that I wanted to do that I would consider screwing up.

Examples: mismatched socks, double parking, taking an hour lunch break when you only had half an hour, playing a video game late at night, etc. I’m just enjoying life without any guilt. At the time, I felt guilty eating fast food. But I ate fast food and didn’t feel guilty. It was one of the most empowering weeks of my life was when I did things that I thought was wrong or imperfect, but I felt empowered by doing them.

Seth Goden, the guru marketer, has a tagline from one of his old-school books, which is: “Stop trying to be perfect. Start being remarkable.” This was the motto of the year when I broke through my perfectionism disorder. Looking back, my life was completely changed. I had a sticky note with that quote next to my laptop, and I looked at it every single day.

In life, it’s far more important to be remarkable than to be perfect. Being an entrepreneur and being remarkable, you have to make quick decisions, to hustle, to do things with integrity and at a fast pace. Nothing is stopping you; nothing is holding you back other than yourself.

My challenge for you this week: Identify the things that you’re trying to make perfect, that are holding you back from keeping you from accomplishing what you’re supposed to be doing.

Change that mentality and start being remarkable, guys!