I just got back a 4-day trip to Dallas meeting with Bob Roberts, Jr. and the rest of the Northwood Church team. The trip started Thursday night meeting David Grubbs picking me up at the airport and grabbing dinner with Bob’s son, Ben Roberts. We all headed over to a website launch party on the top of the Dallas Convention Center. The site was called Roov and I got a chance to meet some new folks and the owners of the site.

Friday morning I got the chance to meet the rest of the Northwood and Glocal Ventures team at Northwood Church. Saturday afternoon, Bob picked me up and we spent the afternoon together and then later picked an incredible man who is destined to be the future President of Malawi in 2009. I get the privilege to have a one-on-one dinner with this man of God on Saturday night. We laughed and got the chance to get to know him at a deeper, more personal level.  Due to his protection, I can’t disclose his name.

Sunday I went to all three Northwood Sunday services and grab a quick lunch afterwards with Bob’s family and Omar. I believe there will be great synergy with our ministry and theirs. They are on the forefront of making a real impacting all over the world. Their methods are far from mundane or unoriginal, for they are re-shaping the way missionary work has been done in the past few decades. Their progress and effectiveness in the nations they have already reached are not only changing society and the nation, but are all soundly biblical, as well.