Today, Facebook flew into town to meet with me for the whole day.

I get a lot of questions on subjects like: How do you get so much accomplished in one week with so many companies and employees? What’s your trick?

The answer is simple; it’s all about optimizing your schedule and working smarter, not harder.

Here are my top tips on optimizing your work schedule:

Plan your meetings on your car drive first. My assistant schedules meetings on the car drives to and from the office. When I don’t have any phone calls, then I am able to do Snapchat stories instead. Another tip on optimizing time would be, put your meetings back-to-back and plan meetings after lunch whenever possible. I normally schedule meetings right after lunch for a few hours each day, so I can get 5 or 6 meetings back-to-back.

The best time for planning and brainstorming is in the morning. When I first get into the office, I don’t do any emails. I do creative planning, delegation, and brainstorming.

Then, I use the last part of the day, around 5 or 6 o’clock, to catch up with email, review things, and do last-minute things to play catch up. As well as, planning my next day tasks.

Monday and Tuesday’s are focused on sales, the most important part of the week. On Mondays I’m usually with my internal sales team, and I leave the whole day free for clients on Tuesdays.

Wednesday’s are focused on internal executive meetings. Thursday’s are focused on getting work and other new initiatives accomplished. Friday’s are mainly focused on more personal and creative tasks that need accomplishing. I use this day have lunch with lots of friends, and catch up on tasks at the end of the week. I don’t like to have my inbox filled going into the weekend, so that’s when I spend a few hours at the end of the Friday to catch up on emails whenever possible.

Calls are usually half an hour, while my in-person meetings are normally an hour with clients. So, if I really need to catch up on my work, I would work after putting my kids to bed.

One of the best times for me to get a lot of creative planning is right after my early morning meditation. I get a lot of flow. Use every minute wisely. My tips are to always delegate whenever possible, and maximize your time.

These questions are asked on SnapChat from a series of Snap Storms Peter has done to help answer other entrepreneurs questions.