Our company values family, and therefore our company’s motto is “Family First.”

Employees don’t typically resent their employers because they have to work extra hard or working late night necessarily. Often times, they resent employers when they’re replacing work over what’s most important to them, which for many employees, it’s their family.

The company is flexible and results-oriented, which allows employees to be with family and take care of themselves while getting work done. For example if they have a doctor’s appointment, there’s no need for them to ask for permission to go to the doctor’s office as long as they get their work done. Given the flexibility to do so creates a work environment that allows the employees to be comfortable when they need to tend to themselves and creates a more positive work environment for both the employers and the employees.

I believe if you align to what is most important in this universe, you will reap the rewards.

My purpose, the reason why I work hard, is because of my family. To raise them and to provide a future legacy for them.