“Attitude of Gratitude”

It is important to appreciate life and what you currently have, no matter what kind of situation you’re in. Spend 5-10 minutes of each morning with an attitude of appreciation.

Complaining = Opposite of Appreciation

Look at all the areas in your life that you don’t consider yourself to be “rich” in: money, love, health, etc. How much do you complain about those areas of your life? When you complain, I believe that you’re telling God/the universe/whatever you believe in that you’re not appreciative of the little that you do have in your situation.

For instance: If I was God and I gave two different people two shekels. The first man complained, saying that this guy has 10 shekels, the other guy has 20 shekels, and I only have 2 shekels! The second guy was appreciative for the 2 shekels, turned them into 4 shekels, and 4 into 10, and continued to expand and appreciate. If you were God, whom would you give more to, and trust more to? Of course, it’s the second guy.

One thing about myself is I rarely ever complain. When you appreciate what you have on good days and bad days, and when you work at it and be your best, you are given more and trusted more.

Challenge of the week: don’t complain for the whole week! Don’t even think about it, and don’t verbally complain! Create a rewards/punishment system every time you complain. Find a partner to keep you accountable all week.

If you eliminate this horrible habit out of your life, your life will change.