Are you a coward, confident, or cocky?

I know coward is a harsh word used to describe a person, but cowards are insecure with themselves, make excuses, are typically jealous of others’ success, and lack purpose. Therefore, they aren’t confident with their lives.

Cocky people are also insecure, but they do it in an opposite manner than those who are considered as a coward. They try to overcompensate for their insecurities; they try hard to impress other people because the lack confidence and security within themselves.

Confident people can be themselves; they don’t have to act differently or show off when other people are around. Confident people have purpose, know what value they add to this world, they don’t need to impress other people, and are self-motivated to add value. Whether it’s dating or in business, confident people usually win.

Confident people love themselves 100%. If you don’t love yourself, how can you get other people to love you? Becoming confident isn’t easy. The trick is to tell yourself “I love myself 100%” everyday in the mirror until you believe it. The universe will conspire for you once you start loving yourself and you’ll notice a difference with the people around you.

These questions are asked on SnapChat from a series of Snap Storms Peter has done to help answer other entrepreneurs questions.